Regain control of your computer!

This service will provide for the removal of suspect virus or malware on your PC and may need be completed offsite.  The service will comprise of the following:

  • Collection and return of your PC (if work has to be completed offsite)
  • Intensive virus and spyware cleanup
  • Demonstration of virus and spyware free PC (this is usually immediately apparent from the absence of whatever problem was present prior to the cleanup)
  • Virus and spyware prevention recommendations given, including a review of your current computer security arrangements.


If the virus / Spyware infestation is severe and has rendered the PC unusable it may be necessary to completely rebuild the machine (re-install or reset Windows) to properly recover it.  In such cases we would usually identify this at the evaluation stage.

Price:  £35.00 to £70.00 (depending on the severity of the infection – a computer re-install would incur an extra fee).

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about virus and malware removal services please call me on either 01473 831839 or 07915 665474 or use my contact form and I’ll get right back to you.  If I don’t answer the phone please leave a message as I could be zooming around in my car visiting clients.  I’ll always call you right back as soon as I’m able.